June 10, 2009

One fine day!

It was pretty chilly here this morning, but by the time of my afternoon drive it was awesome and I was thrilled to be riding the motorcycle.
The concert last night was pretty good, but it was so cold we didn't even make it to the break, we left for home a bit early. It was good music, but the "Hot" blues wasn't enough to keep us warm.

I have a Birthday Shout out to my dear Step Mom, Patty. Hey, Molly, can you let her know that we're thinking of her. I have a very limited stock for Patty, but here's a pretty good one.

I also have a shout out to Maureen. Way to go! Maureen was given some new responsibilities at work and I, for one, am really proud of her. I am going easy on her. PS, I hope you and Tom have a great trip to Alaska!

Have a great day!

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