June 9, 2009

Summer fun

Tonight is the opening session of Rockford's Blues Summer series. Lucky for us, the boys are staying at home and so it's just me and Holly. We have a pretty good system, we put two camp chairs on the back of the Honda, ride down and park in places only a motorcycle will fit, usually very close to the action. It's great! The weather is cool, but clear, should be a good night for an outdoor concert.

Here's a shot our lovely neighbor, Amy, took of the Smith clan. We have Terri, Larry, Jean, Spencer, Jake, Jeff, Bob, Holly, me and Ian.

The following is a limerick that Spencer wrote for school. I thought it was pretty good.

by Spence Young

There once was a Chinese man
Wished he was American
Oh China he hated
So he immigrated
And now he lives in San Fran

It's pretty good, isn't it. Probably not politically correct, but really amusing.

Have a great day!

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