September 15, 2009

Settling In for the Fall

As we drift along we notice milestones, those markers that help us stay grounded in where and when we are. Today I noticed several milestone markers that herald fall. The following are the ones that I wanted to share:

Spencer sent me an email and it's reprinted, in it's entirety, below. This shows that the boys are back in school, it's a fund raiser!

Do you need to renew your magazines, let them come for another year, or want a new magazine subscription? Then consider QSP. they have magazines like People, Sports Illustrated, etc. They also have books and music! sorry, US only. 40% helps North Rockford Middle school. Just e-mail if you want anything. or visit to bring it into the digital age. Thank you. Spencer Young

I returned to BSF, a Tuesday night, men's really pretty serious bible study. By serious I mean that I think this is as intense as a college course. The beauty of it is that it's focused on a book I already own. It was cool to see the guys that I met last year and as you all know, I really enjoy learning more about the Bible, so it's cool. This year we're studying the book of John. I can't wait to see the discussion on the football verse. You know, John 3:16, perfect season to discuss it, that's for sure.

Leaves are turning and falling! I can't believe it, but it's happening, some of the best weather that we've had all year and it's just in time for the fall color tour. The following shot is and I quote the website: "Haven Falls near Lac La Belle. One of several beautiful waterfalls located in the Keweenaw Peninsula"

The landscaping from Labor Day is paying off with grass seedlings starting to show themselves. I think the back yard will be a cool place again, just not right now.

I saw a woolly Caterpillar, which I think means a tough winter.
Those are the milestones I saw today. Just a reminder, we're supposed to stop and look around once in awhile.
Have a great day!

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