March 16, 2009

Photo of the day, Monday Morning

We had a pretty awesome weekend.

Holly's doing great, sang at church again and was able to walk up and stand. It was pretty awesome. After church the boys went to a friends house and we grilled and ate out back.

Yes, with the weather really nice, it's too bad the motorcycle is still pinned behind the ramp. But the ramp is leaving today. Yay!

Dave and Judy visited Saturday and we had a great visit. Too bad about the cribbage and scrabble games. We went to their hotel and the boys got a chance to swim. I haven't been to a hotel with the pool that busy. We tried to play cards while they swam, but the noise level was really crazy. For a change Spencer was cheering for me, not his uncle. Refreshing!
Dave and Spencer hamming it up. It was really cool that Spencer wanted to teach Uncle David how to play Euchre, a Boy Scout favorite card game. Hey guys, thanks a ton for visiting and hanging out, we all really enjoyed it!
Judy looking good!
Have a great day!

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