May 26, 2010

On a 2 day roll!

Thanks to Cindy, Dave and Larry for the encouragement. It meant a lot.

Interesting day here today. We had our annual supplier day at the company. The theme this year was collaborate or get crushed. I gave a short presentation on some projects that I was involved with and then bailed out to get some work done. I came back at 3:30 for the main event. We hired Ed Ekert, owner operator of Fullboar, a Monster Truck, to come out and show us how a truck worked. He put on a pretty short show, but it was very cool making some jumps over a small pile of dirt and ending with him doing a donut that tore the lawn up something terrible. Here's a stock photo of the truck and Ed, not sure who the kid is, but I liked the haircut so there you go. Someone took a photo of me standing next to the truck, so if that turns out I'll share that one too.

Here's a shot of a dog playing with Ian. We're doggie sitting for a few months for Mallory, the lady that runs the place that we went to in Haiti. She appears to be about 4 or 5 months old, fairly well behaved and Ian's digging it. Spencer isn't quite as keen, but I think he'll warm up to her.

That's the news that's fit print,
Have a great day!

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