May 28, 2010

Could it be? It is! 4 in a row

Sure is easier to come up with a title lately, but I'm sure it's not too interesting. Maybe you guys could help me with the titles?

Anyway, another shot from our Supplier Day, "Collaborate or Get Crushed" was the theme. Warm and inviting slogan isn't it?!? Anyway, here I am leaning up against the monster truck, FullBoar. Pretty cool. If you haven't see the video from before, you should check it out. I'm not a monster truck kind of guy, but it was awesome.

Tonight Holly and I went to the West Michigan White Caps Baseball game. Couple of interesting stories:

Never actually sat in our seats. We located where you could order a 5th/3rd burger, it's 5 quarter pounder burgers on a bun with chili, nachos and other stuff. Not bad, but the challenge is to eat it all yourself. We didn't try, 4 of us split it. Two table over in this dining area a gentleman took the challenge and won. It wasn't a comfortable looking win, but he won. The next table a kid took the challenge and lost in the most colorful way imaginable, nuff said.

On the way out a guy walks up to us and asks where the nearest "Gentleman's Club" was. That was a weird conversation, we Googled one on my Blackberry, gave them directions and sent them on their way.

Driving out of the parking lot were these guys with the illuminated flashlights. Our guides and problem solvers? Anyway. As we're slowly rolling by one of these guys I point to him and say; "Thanks for coming out tonight!" He was so blown away that he snorted, then he recovered and said the same thing back to us. Holly and I thought it was hilarious and chuckled for about a mile.

Here's a shot of Holly and the field behind her. Our seats were actually on the side of the field in the photo, but you couldn't get the big burger on our side, so we wandered over and sat in a party area that was unoccupied for the night. Fair seats and easier for a conversation.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

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