June 16, 2010

Back from the show

It was a great few days in Chicago at NeoCon.  I am amazed at how many people from within our industry I know.  For example, this morning I was in a showroom working with a good client on a problem.  It's the last day of the show and that's the day when everyone goes into each others showroom and checks out the latest and greatest.  While I'm working with my client an industrial designer from another company comes by and says hi and we chat for  few minutes.  Then a customer from yet another company strolls through and starts chatting with me, I introduced them and after they left I said I told the first guy that I'd be in touch but that this wasn't going to work for problem solving.  It was crazy!

We had lots of our products displayed, but we did it without our own showroom or booth, we had the customers place the products.  It's pretty sweet when it happens.

While I was working, Holly and the boys got to hang out in Chicago.  Their highlights were; Blue Man Group, Museum of Contemporary Art, Aunt Maureen visiting them (Sorry I missed you sis!)

Here's a shot of what I missed the most, home!

Have a great day!

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