June 13, 2010

On the Road to Chicago

Tonight we went to downtown Rockford and hung out at the Start of Summer Celebration.  It was just me and the boys, Holly was at work.  We got a chance to rock out with The Outer Vibe, we really like this group, lots of good music and a great show.  After that we wandered down the road and watched the fireworks.  Spencer did great standing there, he never did put his fingers in his ears, each year is better.  I really enjoyed the fireworks, it's been nice seeing them the past few years.

Here's a shot of the birthday boy, Spencer.  Today, June 13th, the lad turns 14.  Wow, where has the time gone?  Here are a few shots of the kid.  As any proud parent, I could post hundreds, but I won't, it sure was looking through them again though!

Happy Birthday Buddy!
I love you!

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