July 3, 2010

Happy Indepence Day Weekend!

We are careening into a really busy section of the summer.  And the boys are having fun with it!

This week's weather has been awesome, cool nights, warm days.  During the week I put nearly 200 miles on the motorcycle, quite a bit of it for work.  I almost froze the other morning when I went to Holland for a 7:30 AM meeting, 40 miles in 50 degree weather, chilly to be sure, but by the time I left,  I knew it was the right thing to do.

It's Saturday morning and everyone's still abed.  I love the house at this time, it's quiet and cool and the coffee is fresh and hot.  I'm living the dream, to be sure.

Today's Birthday Shout Out is for our country, the good ole US of A.  As usual, let's start with the baby shot, the original 13 colonies. And an adolescent shot, gaining the Louisiana Purchase and the current version.  All kidding aside, let's all do our best to celebrate our freedoms and honor our veterans that have fought and died for those freedoms. 

There's another Birthday Shout Out that should be mentioned.  As many of you know, I have the same birth date as our country and since I am at the keyboard, I can control the shot's that are used, so here's my own shout out.

One of my all time favorites, is this one, Jack, Dave and me as  little guy.  I try to maintain that zest for life.  Though a full set of teeth, for now, has changed my looks a bit.


Here's a shot from my wedding day.  Wow, we were so young!  My hair isn't that color any more, that's for sure.

Here I am, monitoring the shotgun rifle range at an outing in 2008. 

I must admit, it's feels weird to toot my own horn and so I'll leave you with this; Take yourself serious enough to be a good member of society, but remember to have fun along the way!

Have an awesome 4th and please forgive the ramblings of a 53 year old kid.

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Holly said...

Happy birthday to you sweetheart!