June 27, 2010

Sunday is drawing to a close

This marks the end of our lazy weekend.  Today was a pretty easy day, went to church, took a nap, Holly went to work and the boys and I went shopping for a bit and then had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, we like it, Holly's not such a big fan.

It rained off and on most of the day and so the shiny motorcycle stayed in the garage.

It's also Cousin John's birthday today.  Happy Birthday John!  I have a few shots so here you go.

It's been confirmed that John's the baby in this shot.

This is the Clark, Sipley and Young shot, with Nancy held by John Young, then Herb, John Sipley holding Maureen, Keith, then David and yours truly down in front.

Here's John and perhaps me having some ice cream or pie or probably both for me.

At my Mom's funeral, David, me, John Young and John Sipley.

John and his lovely family, showing that indeed, he turned out pretty well.

I hope that you have a great year John!

Have a great day!

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