January 22, 2011

January 22nd? Really? Wow, time really flies!

Happy New Year!  As the title says, wow, time really flies.

We had a great Christmas this year with Tom and Reen coming up with all three of their dogs.  Without a fenced in yard it was a challenge, but a really nice time.

 Here's Spencer and Ian and Altai.  Keeping an eye on this puppy was more than a one person job.  Before dinner the pup had discovered the Christmas Stockings had stuff to eat and had helped himself a few times. 
 I took this shot and was pretty pleased with the angle, the trees and of course the beautiful ladies. 

 This was taken during the Great Potato Gun War of 2010!  We located some potato guns and Ian and Tom were the lucky recipients.  Once armed with a pistol and a red skin potato for each, the battle ensued.  Needless to say, the photo journalist was not given immunity and became a prime target.  The dogs all thought the game was pretty tasty!

I missed a few Shout Outs since Christmas Eve and so, without further ado, I'd like to announce the following:

Tom's Birthday is New Year's Eve and so we got him a gift to celebrate his 30th anniversary of his 21st birthday.  Ian really got into it when assigned the task of wrapping a Red Green book for Uncle Tom.  Ian was able to blend hunting and duct tape into the wrapping job.  Tom loved it and was really a good sport about the tape hermetically sealed gift.

Taylor had a birthday in January, on the 4th to be precise.  Here he is with his fiance Yvonne.  Aren't they a cute couple!

Cindy rang the bell on another year and marked it big time by moving to Northport!  Happy new home and I hope this is your year!  God's grace to you and yours.  This shot is a bit older of her and Thom, you guys look pretty good for old folks!


Another Nephew rolled another year, and that would be Jake and he's a cool kid that's learning life and autobody and I think he will excel at both! Here he's seen showing Ian how to catch some air on a tube.

And there you have it, we're caught up!  Now for the bonus shots;

My lovely bride is so cool and so hip that you just know that she's alright in a hat like this.

The boys at our favorite alleyway in downtown Grand Rapids.

Ian and I have fun at this spot playing with the camera and the light.

That's if for tonight.  Have an awesome 2011!


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