December 6, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday

Well Hello Winter!

It blew in big time today. I shoveled before my men's group, mid afternoon and again after dinner. It's stopped snowing, finally, but it was kind of annoying, you know, every time I turned around it seemed, the snow was 4" deep and the plow had just gone by. Aarrgh!

We continued our decorating of the house. Most years I could care less about all that stuff. In fact when we were married and I was a mere 31 years old, I brought only 1, one, ornament into the marriage. I am not a Grinch or a Scrooge, but, all the to do in the house for a month, well, quite frankly it escaped me. This year I helped as much as I used to when I was a mere lad of 12 or so. And you know what, it was fun. Dang, all those years, lost. Never back, always forward, I am so looking forward to this from now on.

I was just thinking that I really blew the horn for my big brother's birthday. As I reflected on how I really enjoyed making a big deal out of his day, I realized that for many of you I don't know your birthday. If you want to share, please send it on to me and I'll make a shout out to you on your big day. If you have new photos, I'll post them too! You make the call.

With decorating the house comes the tree for my office. I'll take it in this week early so that we have it for our week long event. With 8 of us on the event, I'm sure we could use some Christmas cheer. Anyway, here's the tree that Holly created for me this year. Can you tell that I love blue?

Yesterday the boys came home and chased about a billion birds off our front porch. You doubt the number? Look at these photos. Sorry about the sideways shot, for some reason I am unable to rotate this photo, but Ian took this and I am proud of the shot and the style. OK, I've got an idea, if you turn your head to the right. Isn't that better? Yeah, I thought so.Thanks.

Have a great day!

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