December 25, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that you got not what you wanted, but just what you needed to make this an awesome Christmas. Seems funny to say that, but a lot of times what I want is one thing and what I really need is totally something else. Like this one year, I wanted fun stuff, you know, electronic games. What I got though, was a board game that required me to interact with someone else. Just what I needed. You see, while I may appear social, I really am a homebody. Interestingly enough though, many times our wants are driving us in directions that God would just as soon not have us go. So then He arranges a gift that causes us to consider a different path. We still have the free will to choose, but usually His way is better. If I had a nickel for each application of this I think the house would be paid for.

For Christmas this year I got something that I didn't want or need, but will really enjoy. It's an adapter that lets me plug my iPod straight into my car stereo. It is way cool. The only trouble was, I needed to disassemble the trim around my radio. To Larry, my brother-in-law, that would be no big deal. For me, it was a very big deal. But I decided that I could figure this out and save $55. OK, to be honest, I no longer figure things out, now I search the Internet. I did, and I found a great article that explained how to remove the trim, the essence of which was to go really slow and not rush. Rushing is how you break those plastic parts. It worked and within minutes Ian and I were sitting in my car with the stereo cranked. It is very cool to bond with a teenager when loud music is involved. Additionally, I had him figure out how to use the controls and then teach me. It's very cool if your dad needs you to help him. While I don't know a lot about parenting, that little thing, him teaching me, ... that was great for our relationship.

During the day someone kept slipping away upstairs to his room. Here you can see that I tracked him down and landed a wet one on him for my troubles. As you can see by the "rock on" hand gestures, he was cool with this invasion of his privacy.

Have a great day,

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Merry Christmas!