December 24, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Merry Christmas Eve!

Work has wound down to...nothing! I am on vacation! Yee Ha!

Holly the boys and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

We went to the Christmas Eve Service at our church and it was lead by the youth minister. It was the most strange message yet, it really pointed to why I chose to become a christian, Jesus came, he suffered, he died and then he rose. Praise God!

Our latest entry into the "share yourself with our gang" is below. Here is the story that goes with the photo, all I have to add is, Jim and Nancy, you guy totally are awesome! I wish I was that cool.

The following was submitted by Kathy.

Thought I would send this picture to you of my sister Nancy and Jim Bell,Th with my husband Norm in the back ground. I, Kathy took the picture. We are about to go on the zip line. This was during our recent trip to Alaska in August. It was at the point of no return. Can you tell? Turned out to be an awesome experience. At the end, the guides told Norm, (when they get older folks like us), they have problems, but that we did a great job.

Kathy, thanks for sharing!

I hope that you all have an awesome Christmas!

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