December 27, 2008

Photo ot the day, Saturday

Good Morning! It's a rare post that I do this in the morning rather than at night. We are off visiting Tom and Reen today. Man the roads were terrible, lots of vehicles in the ditches. Holly would either read or sleep, it's calmer that way.

Of all the things to forget I forgot to toss in the Ipass in an so we're stuck in the slow lane this trip. I do like the oasis concept, it's pricey to stop there, but you can get it all, gas, a variety of food, fancy coffee and even entertainment sometimes.

Like last night I was filling up and some lady was coming back from the building. Her vehicle was a great big SUV. I made a weather comment and she replied pleasantly. Once she got to the vehicle, she discovered that she was locked out, we went to each door and peered in the windows, finally managed to get in the back passenger door, but set off the alarm. Lights flashing, horn honking I can see her in the car trying to get the alarm shut down. Finally she gets out of the car, stares into the gas station and gestures violently with a flip of her hands that left both hands palm up. You could see the tension. Immediately the alarm shuts down and she stalks to the car and gets in. I left at that point, having no desire to witness the brutal assault that was sure to happen to her significant other upon their return to the car.
Here's one of our awesome hosts, Tom and Maureen. Tom and I did the cooking last night, we did baby back ribs on the smoker, sweet potato fries. And it was an awesome meal!
Have a great day!

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