January 16, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

Thank God it's Friday. Whew, has it really just been just 5 days since Holly's accident? I feel like I've been through a wringer. God Bless those that have been so kind to feed us, help clean and shop. It's an awesome set of friends that we are blessed with.

Holly's doing really well. Tonight I left the boys at home and Holly and I wheeled around the third floor looking for fun and adventure. I found an air hockey table, but she wasn't interested, I usually beat her you know. Here she is in a regular T-shirt. I point this out because it's the first garment that didn't open in the back in quite awhile. She has an OT (Occupational Therapist) help her get dressed in the morning and this was the first time that she was fully dressed and that's got to help your mental position. You know, look sharp, be sharp. She also did the normal 3 hours of therapy so she's a bit tired, but looking forward to the next challenge.
She is cute!

As I was leaving I decided to drive down Division Avenue to stop by the hospital and pick up Holly's cell phone charger. In Grand Rapids Division has a bit of a reputation, but as I moved from Wealthy north, it gets lots better really fast. Then, near the Civic Theater I see a police car with lights on behind me. I pull over and he passes me. Whew! Then I look ahead and see another police car with lights on, and another and another. Next thing I know, I'm stopped at a red light and most of Grand Rapids Finest seem to be converging on that intersection. I look around and the cops are jumping out of their cars and pulling their guns. YIKES! I hear a shot gun cycle a shell into the chamber and all I can think is; "Please God, don't let them shot someone with me here". The light turns green. I contemplate. "Should I stay or should I go now?" If I pull away, while every one's attention is focused elsewhere I could get away or someone may think I'm involved, turn and fire or and this was really what kept me there, I might miss something. then the light turned red and I was stuck for another cycle. Isn't that terrible? I decided to stay and watch because it seemed like I was a part of a cop show and thought it'd be great fun. What a nut. Soon enough a woman was cuffed and escorted, carefully, to the back of a cop car. Then another young man, cuffed and escorted to a different cop car. Finally, a large man was told to place his hands on his head and walk backwards until he was where they could have him easily handcuffed. Shortly after that the party broke up, the city cops thanked the state troopers for backing them up and the light changed to green again and so I drove on.

I really like living in Rockford, and have no desire anymore to live in Grand Rapids.

Have a great day!

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