January 13, 2009

Photo of the day, Tuesday

Here is today's Birthday Shout Out. Today is Cindy's birthday and she turns...Never mind, it's not worth getting into trouble. Cindy was Holly's Matron of Honor back when we were wed. Vicky Dot, Cindy's youngest, was born a few short weeks before the wedding. Cindy and Holly you are the Photo of the Day! Happy Birthday Cindy! Thanks for sending the photo Cindy. This was taken just before they headed for home after hanging out at Sutton's Bay.

I am writing this blog from the 4th floor of Spectrum Health Hospital in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids. Nope, I am not the one staying. This time it's Holly.

Holly had an accident Monday morning and ended up with a pretty bad break on her left leg, the "Tib-Fib", as the medical types tell us. The compound fracture required surgery to get the bone set with a rod needing to be installed. Additionally, they discovered today that she broke her collar bone as well. She's in really good spirits considering. The doctors have told us that we can expect a full recovery, although it's going to take some time. She can't put any weight on the left leg and can bear no weight on the left arm. The boys and I are up visting today to see how she's doing. I wouldn't bring the boys yesterday since Holly comes out of anestegia so slowly, it really didn't make sense.

Everyone has been so helpful. Today the boys came home to grocery bags of food on the porch. I have already lined up some additional meals and so we're looking good.

Posting will be slow for awhile, at least until we settle into the new reality. I just don't need the extra pressure. I know that you all understand and I will keep you posted with quick updates as we move along the healing process.

Have a great day!



Katie Folkert Keech said...

Praying for you and your family! Tell Holly I am praying for her too!



JohnFS said...

Just catching up and read the news. Let Holly know the Sipley family is praying for her full recovery.