January 14, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

I have a Birthday Shout Out to my Nephew Jake. He's a great guy and the captain of the bowling team and catches for the baseball team, now isn't that All American? I have a few photo's of Jake so here we go. Happy Birthday Jake!
As catcher

As batter

As suicidal tube rider, that's Ian next to him

The saga continues. Holly's broken collarbone/clavicle has resulted in a change in plans, she's heading to a rehab facility tomorrow instead of home. Mary Free Bed is the place and they have an awesome reputation. It's for the best since Holly can't bear weight on the whole left side and we've heard the prognosis is 2 months in a wheel chair. I know Holly will be quicker than that, she's already getting rave reviews from the therapists so that's cool. With here there, she's going to work on therapy all day and have her evenings free. Should be 5 to 10 days, we'll see.
I meant to take her picture today, but felt that would be best left alone, even though one of her nursing staff folks washed her hair, did a french braid and helped her get her contacts in. She's doing really quite well now. She also had some issues with the kind of meds that they had her on and that's been adjusted so that she's in a really good mood. With all that in mind we'll go with a shot of the living room. Ian set up the daybed from the basement in the family room so that she has a bed on the main floor. Not sure how we're going to manage stairs for awhile. Now that they're moving her to Mary Free Bed, we have some time to get the house ready. I guess they'll be sending home a pretty major worksheet looking for dimensions of everything from bed height to number of steps into the house. Should be fun, anyway, here's the current set up.

Have a great day!

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