March 8, 2009

Photo of the day, Sunday

Holly Update: She's doing great! While the boys and I went up north on a boy scout weekend, she went to the home show and walked around for over an hour. She's looking good!

Speaking of up north, it was the annual cabin camp out. We stay at a the Roger Chaffee Memorial Bunkhouse. Astronaut Chaffee was one of the astronauts that died on the launch pad during the Apollo program. The link has more information. He was an Eagle Scout from Grand Rapids, and so now you know why it's named in his honor, we don't have a lot of eagle scouts that get famous.

The weekend is a kind of lazy camping trip, what with bunkhouse style cabin, stove, refrigerator, etc. But we do a bit of service with retiring flags and then the boys can play capture the flag, some minor video games, card games, movies etc. Generally a relaxing weekend. Here’s a few shots of the boys working on the flags.
Dismantling is first.

The actual retirement.

Additionally, Spencer, the troop Chaplin’s Aide, lead our Sunday service. Here he is doing a great job.

Have a great day!

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Reen said...

What gets "disassembled"....?