March 13, 2009

Photo of the once in awhile

Holly Update: Holly's doing great! She's doing more and more each day. Next Monday the ramp is being removed and that's going to free up my motorcycle for some spring riding. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be Holly's update. Therapy is going really well and she's really starting to enjoy driving her new car. Now we need to find the book to it so that she can figure out what all the buttons are for.

For me, well, work is totally burying me. I really like it when we are busy, but the engineering/new product projects are close to swamping us right now. I hate to complain because I know that many are not as busy. Hopefully some of these will be winners once the economy breaks.
Here's a shot of Ian's high school class ring. Seems like we used to get that between Junior and Senior year. Kids mature earlier and we buy them expensive jewelry earlier. Yes, it's Josten's.
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