May 15, 2009

Friday is a welcome respite

I love Fridays. While we're really jammed up with projects, I rarely have to work the weekend. I'd rather put in 12 or 15 hour days and have Saturday and Sunday for just me and my family. Ah, Friday!

Holly sang at a wedding today. I love hearing her sing at weddings. One reason is that the Bride will pick music that Holly generally wouldn't pick and so it stretches her. Secondly, they usually mike the singer more than the music and so her voice rings so much purer and just generally louder. There are 7 ladies in this photo. Usually it's the boys that you have to try to locate. This time it's Holly, but it's pretty easy.

I drove to Iowa and back on Thursday. Whew. I left the house at about 5:15 AM and returned at 10:30 PM. Lots of driving, lots of meetings, lots of connections. A good trip, just long. As I am cruising back I'm on the phone, shoes are off, I have some light jazz or christian music playing and the cruise is set at about 8 over. Lots of police in the medians, one even appeared to have zeroed in on me. I tapped the brakes, hung up, slipped my shoes on and worked on a story of why I was OK at the speed I was going. either I was too fast for him or he had a different quarry. Whew!

Have a great day!

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