June 23, 2009

Camp Preperation

Work was a happening thing and so I did what I needed to do, I happened. What does that mean? It means:
I created a new concept with a designer/draftsman and we'll see the real parts real soon
I worked with customer service/relations and helped move us to a better place
I met with a small customer that remembers when I was still new to the industry
I met with a large customer that remembers all about my first days
"I" decided "I" use "I" too much for someone as silly as "I" seem to be

Here's the family, as we look tonight:

Ian is chillin' like a villain, on the couch, TV on, book in hand and in cozy clothes. Ahh, to be a carefree teen! Props to the myth busters!!!(Ian)

Spencer peering over the rail like a forlorn quail. As a newly minted teen, he's casting about for the best slouch.

Me an my bestest gal Hol!
Have an awesome day!

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