June 22, 2009

Good day today, went to a meeting at a customer and moved that project forward.

At scouts tonight we did the prep work for our annual summer camp at Gerber. I am so looking forward to dropping off the grid for a week. I hate coming back to the email backlog at work, but I will have some time to relax and wander the camp. Maybe I'll make a belt this year, or try the rappelling or climbing or the copes course. No matter, relaxation is the order of the week. Holly checked the weather and it's supposed to be pretty good for the week. I'll let you know.

Sandy Bell gets the award this week for finding out a new thing about our family. What kind of award? Well that's a tough question, but it's bound to be something others will want so that they contribute too. Anyway, here's the story; it seems that Grandpa Ames was a pretty good photographer. I have included the article that she sent along as well as a few photos that he's undoubtedly responsible for.

Here, as a bonus, is Grandma Ames with her favorite grandson, and my brothers too!

Have a great day!

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