June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dad's out there I wish a very happy Father's Day! And I am going to honor a few that have really impacted me, but first a Birthday Shout out to Judy. Happy Birthday Judy. I am really photo challenged here, but this I think captures her joyful heart. Hats off to ya Judy! Thanks for taking us all in to your heart!

Dad, Jack, Dave, Me and Maureen

Grandpa Ames, did lots to help raise me, really a cool guy.

Me and my Step Father Owen, he taught me to take things apart and sometimes we actually get them back together again!
My Father in Law, Bob and my two boys, really helped me figure my Dad style.

Of course, many more Dad types have impacted me, but these are the top 4.
Have a great day, I know that I did!

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