July 16, 2009

Back to work

The road trip was a good one for me, and yet I still wanted to get back home. I am basically a home body, that's for sure. We had great weather and the corn is 5 to 6 foot high in the good fields.

We're getting ready for a weekend of Camping. We're going to Muskegon State Park again this year. We went there last year and it was a lot of fun. It's pretty cool, we have Lake Michigan within a 1/2 mile and 5 minute drive we're at Muskegon Lake. Pretty light trip this year, we'll have 10 scouts and 3 adults. I really enjoy these outings. I was talking to the gang at work about the outings and one of the ladies asked why I don't eat what the boys eat. "Well", I said, "it's like this, they don't plan well, they're not good cooks, some times they eat their lunch at breakfast and then go hungry. It's really about them learning to care for planning, cooking, cleaning and everything." All the guys are nodding, totally getting the concept of the boys learning to care for them selves. She asked who planned the meals? It's them. Who cooks? It's them. What if they ruin the meal? They'll learn. I ended with a statement that all of the boys could actually miss a meal and probably survive and in the long run, learn how to avoid that the next time. Not sure if she ever really got it, but that's ok, she's got a daughter, no son.

Today's shot is one of me and my sweetie. I am one lucky dude!

Have a great day!

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