July 21, 2009

Life gets so confusing!

I know, "long time no post!" My fault, I was: a) busy, b) trying to do some planning, c) Holly and I are home alone and the house echos without the boys, d) all of the above. Yeah, it's D for sure!

Work is pretty mellow, well, not really, but it's slower than I have had it before and it's OK. Working on some cool stuff and dealing with some tough issues with customers. But on the whole, it's a good gig! I have to travel to Texas soon, another trip to Iowa is bound to be needed and I just don't know how I can avoid an east coast swing in the very near future.

At Spencer's urging, we tried to set up a family reunion of sorts for Labor Day. Right after we posed the question about a get together we got an invitation to a wedding. Nephew Matt has met a beautiful girl named Karissa and "She said YES!" Very cool, wedding is set for mid September. Additionally, Nephew Taylor is coming home on leave and I would love to see him. Could we make all that work with no extra vacation? Probably not, but gosh it would be a fun few days, that's for sure.

The boys are at NTS, Never The Same Camp. It's a youth camp in New York. Wow, are they a long way from home or what? I know Dave, Taylor's been away longer and farther, but he's pretty close to grown up. Ian called tonight and they're having fun. He sounded so grown up on the phone.

All in all, pretty quiet here.
Have a great day!

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