July 5, 2009

Relaxing as best we can

Today was Sunday and we went to church and then the boys went off to a friends house.

Whoa, I almost forgot, I have a Birthday Shout Out today. It's for my 2ND cousin Brianna. Hey Brianna, I know we've never met, but you seem really cool to me. I hope that this birthday is all that you want and need it to be. Take care and email if you get a chance.

OK, back to our quiet Sunday, left to our own devices, we did what we wanted to. We tore up the front plantings and started to figure out what we wanted there next time. For now, we're going to go with weed blocker screen material and. In the fall, we'll plant some shrubs, till then, it's mulch easier to keep a clean look. I have discovered that I like the big lawn projects, I don't like maintaining the look once we have completed the project and it's down to weeding or whatever.

Fun fact: I became a small-time baseball fan over the summer. Kind of weird, I loved the game when I was a kid, but the strike in 1981 killed my love of the game. And then this summer my brother Dave was trying to get a rise out of me over the Tigers loss to the Twins early in the season and it fell flat. Then I discovered the games are carried on one of my favorite rock stations, OK, so now it's a classic rock station. I wondered, do only old guys listen to baseball on the radio? It didn't matter, I started listening when ever I was in the garage and now it's when ever I have yard work. The boom box now has a 50 foot cord and I drag it around to hear the game. That said, it was a tough day today, the Twins beat the Tigers. But I need to point out, the Tigers lead the Twins and the division by 2 games. Good luck going into the All Star Break.

Have a great day!

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