July 10, 2009

Friday Mystery

Today at work I was striving to keep focused on a task but for some reason I opened my personal email and I got a notice that someone had posted a comment on my blog. Curious, I go and see what's up. It's from Toni and she's offering to send over a picture of the guys from last night's Picnic Pop's concert.

Odd, I don't know a Toni that works for the Grand Rapids Symphony (Hi Toni! I know you'll get this one too!)

Intrigued, I replied from my work account, (hoping to confuse the stalker) with my work email address and asked for the photo. While I was typing I asked how she discovered my post. It's not like I'm a syndicated blogger, or that I write pithy relevant posts, I mean, I'm a family guy writing a family blog.

She replied with this photo and the information on how she's using Google to stay tuned for certain key words on the web. For the event we had scouts from Troop 282 and from Troop 228. Don't worry, it was confusing for the announcers too. Our Scouts in the picture are Ian, Josh, Ryan, and Spencer. 7 scouts are in the photo, can anyone find my sons? By the way, we are in Troop 282.

Toni you're a great photographer, thanks again for going the extra distance for a dad that forgot his camera, and besides, we were sitting way further back than you. Hat's off to savvy tech people!

Have a great day!

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