July 23, 2009

Thursday thoughts

Random thoughts with no rhyme or reason...

Maureen's turning 49 - Yikes! That's my little sister!

The boys have been gone most of the week and we've not really done much with the time, we're middleaged!

I am coordinating a trip to Mackinac for the scouts and I'm tired of answering the same question many times.

Brett Farve is considering becoming a Viking. Stay retired, the endorsements will be enough. Of course as forgetful he is(Am I retired?) , he'd be a great poster boy for the Alzhiemers foundation.

I have become a minor fan for the Detroit Tigers, this only occured when the "classic rock" stations started carrying the games and that's the station that my garage radio is set to. By the way, they are ahead of the Twins.

Here's a random shot from our Blues on the Rogue from several weeks ago. This little cutie was more entertaining than the band.

Missing the boys,

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