July 24, 2009

Friday Follies!

It's a momentous occasion tomorrow, Maureen turns FORTY FREAKING NINE! That seems like a great reason to offer a Birthday Shout Out. What can I say, I've know her most of my life, only my 2 older brothers have I known longer. She's a pretty cool chick that's held up well for the years and she's still got what it takes to have some fun. Here's my "Montage to Maureen".
The early years, I was looking for a shot where she was as cute as a bug with a fist full of cards, but alas, it was not to be found. Here she is probably in 3rd grade.
This was one of the rare 4 generations shots; Ivy/Nanny, Maureen, Mom/Vonda and Grandma/Grace. The tales I could tell about the women of this family!
Nearly the same vintage, but now we have me, Grandpa/Lawrence, Chris and Maureen. Do we look thrilled for the moment or what? And I wonder why my kids won't pose at this age?
From last Thanksgiving. Maureen and her pies. She's come a long way hasn't she! I really like this shot, I hope she does too, well, at least enough to forgive the others.
From this summer, she and Tom each took turns in this Aerobatic plane. You go girl!

After that, well, honestly, the week was pretty good, it had some highs, it had some lows, the boys are due back tomorrow really early and that's cool.
Have a great weekend!

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Reen said...

Thanks!!! I really do like the Pix with the Pies!!

Love, Reen