September 29, 2009

Long time, no post

Hello Everyone!

First up, a Birthday shout out to my Nephew Mike! Mike is my big brother John's oldest and a pretty cool guy that's well down the path of figuring it out very well. Below are some images I scammed off the internet (facebook is a great resource!)
Here we have Carlos, Mike and Matt Obviously Mike gravitates to winning teams.

Here's Mike and Mat. Love the hat dude!

Mike and his daughter, Lexi on probably her first flight.

All decked out and you know, Spam is a food for toddlers!

Do you think this is how Grandpa Ames looked when he was working for Hormel?

The boys and I had a pretty hectic, but weather wise, wonderful weekend at the Mackinaw Rendezvous. (the link is for some cool places in the northern lower peninsula) Oh, sure, Friday was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get out of work early. And setting up the tents at the Mackinaw Rendezvous in the dark was classic. Oh, and don't forget being moved with a group of 1500 of your closest friends by bus, by ferry boat and by your own two feet. Needless to say, some standing around was involved. The day spent on Mackinaw Island was as good. It was sunny with a high of 75...
Great to be home, great to be back at work, is it really Tuesday already?
Have a great day!

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