October 14, 2009

Wow, mid October already!

Hi all, sorry I've been slacking, but I have good reasons, but first we should all give a great big Birthday Shout Out to Cil, our dear friend that just happens to live in the south. Not the deep south, but it's still south of us folks up north, so she's now southern. Anyway, here's some shots that a spy of mine shared with me. Happy Birthweek Cil! We love you and miss you.
Here she is with 2 of her sisters
Just so you know, she's not always playing it safe, here she is wakeboarding. The grin belies the inevitable wipeout.
She's a real outdoors person, here she is out in boondocks, roughing it and living off the land, good thing she's an awesome fisherman.
Obviously she's a family gal, here's the little family sitting pretty. The really look larger in real life.
And what's life without friends? Cil wouldn't know and fortunately, we don't need to wonder either. Have a great day friend!

Boy Scout popcorn time is upon us! Please follow this link at Trails End to get an idea of what we have available. We will be having online sales, for those that live far away. Of course we'll deliver to where ever we can. Some of you will be getting an email from my email account, and it will appear to be from Spencer, but it's actually from both boys, but I was too lazy to set up 2 accounts. I'll split the orders apart at the end of the sale. 70% of the price is put right back into our local scouting and so that is tax deductable. Questions? Give a call or drop us a line.
There is one more charity that I would like you to consider and that's the upcoming Breast Cancer Walk. Holly has walked in this for several years and is doing so again this year. It's a tough year in the ecomomy, but for the family, it's been kind of tough too, this is the 10th year since MaryAnn lost her battle. We miss her and I know that's why Holly walks. Please consider supporting that as well. For that you can follow this link: Breast Cancer Walk
That's it for now. To recap; Happy Birthweek Cil!, Consider Boy Scout Popcorn and Consider supporting Holly's Breast Cancer Walk.
I will try to get back to regular posts, so who knows, maybe again tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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