October 17, 2009

Camping in October

Yep, the title is correct, we were camping this weekend. It was pretty chilly, I think I have a few things figured out, but I don't have it completely understood. Can you read between the lines? do you know what I'm really saying? I got cold sleeping. I didn't have the sleeping portion figured out. How cold was it? In the 20's. Pretty nippy. I have a plan for next month, it involves global warming...

Really it was a good time. The boys had a few problems getting moving in the morning, like breakfast was well past sun up. But they understood what the problem was and then they buckled down and got it done, with some guidance. Here are two shots from the fun, the campsite looked like this. My tent wasn't in the picture because I snore, I tend to pitch my tent further away. The big tent is ours and so a few boys were in there, Ian, Spencer, Josh, Justin, Paul. I'm not sure how late they stayed up, I was tenting a long ways away, remember?

Here's a shot of a 22 range. I was at the shotgun range. I don't hunt, I don't even own a gun. Why do I want the boys to hang out with the hunters? It's easy, I can't teach them to be safe around a gun, but some of my friends can. The nice thing is, after doing this a couple of times, Ian is pretty good with a 22, knows the 12 gauge hurts and the 20 gauge doesn't' interest him. Spencer has learned to survive it all and as you can see, finds a nice place near the fire to hang out and chat with whoever stops by.

Spencer is my eternal optimist. Here he is suited up for his "Hum-In-Ah" dance, first showing his clothes and second the dance. Folklore has it that if properly performed, with the correct, odd, number of ice cubes flushed down all working toilets, school will be canceled. But, you need to have your clothes worn inside out and backwards, put a teaspoon under your pillow and dance around chanting: "Hum-In-Ah, Hum-In-Ah..." He was bummed when it didn't work on Friday and his brother, his main mentor, was upset that this ceremony was pulled out so early in the school year. In Holly and My defense, we do take them to church Sundays.

Bustin a move!

Have a great day!

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