November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, maybe a bit late

I have just returned from the dark side, also known as Facebook. It's a pretty cool concept, and would work well to keep us all connected, but I really don't understand how it all works and so I will strive to continue to post here occasionally.

We had a great time in Chicago with Maureen and Tom. Did all the mandatory "traditions", like drive in crappy weather to get there, pig out on turkey to the point that we really only ate the one meal on Thursday. Watched a little of a reality series show, this year was "Pawn Stars", not as good as "Junk Yard Wars", but what are you going to do? Located and cut down a tree for Tom and Reen, and it was unfortunately at a new location, but the selection was much better. Their tree was awesome. Below are a few shots from the tree farm. It was a positively gorgeous day, sunny with a high of 45... For dinner we went to a restaurant; 1776 click the link if you'd like to check it out. This year the beer was from ... Kalamazoo Michigan! It was Bells night, kind of fun since all the questions were about Michigan. We missed 2 and caught a small amount of grief for it. The boys had their traditional pizza for dinner. This time it was Tombstone, nothing but the best for our boys! Saturday is usually a day that I try to be of a small amount of help to Tom and Reen. This year was helping get their basement under control. My favorite year was when we cut a hole in the wall and installed a cat door. I have always loved using a sabre saw on someone else's house! Saturday afternoon, quick lunch and head for Michigan. Home fairly early and that makes church a bit easier for all of us, especially since Holly was singing today.

That catches us up for now. I will be playing on a more regular basis on Facebook, but will post as often as possible here.

The photos are:
The boys after the last dish was set at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table.

Ian and 1/2 of Spencer at the tree farm. That's Tom and Reen's tree between them, it really looks tons better in their living room!

Since I didn't care for that shot of Spencer I talked him into a reshoot. Much better!

Have an awesome week!

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