December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Oldest Brother!

This post is totally dedicated to my Eldest Brother John and it's his Birthday Shout Out. I do love harassing him, since he is the eldest and can you believe this, he's already retired. Whew, that's old.

Here he is, the eldest with Dave and me.

This is an old shot with John holding Nancy, David, Herb, Keith, another John holding Maureen and another kid sitting on the floor.

You can tell from this one, he's going to break some hearts.

Then again, holding Rudolph, he's not so hot.

Oh yeah, I remember this one, Mom accused him of drinking.

Here's the junior/senior shot, looking all American again. Shall we talk about some of the disruptions in his High School Sports Career. Nah, no point now.

I have always loved this shot where he's smirking down on Grandma Ames. She did love her mangy grandsons.

Sometimes he wasn't as happy to pose as he should have been. Here we have John, David, me, Chris and Reen. You have to love the striped pants I was wearing, I know I am supposed to be dissing John, but those pants...

Here he is with Nanny and Chris, in Grandma Ames' living room I believe.

Out in front of the Ames house by Owen's truck. Dave had hair and I think John was messing with David, but maybe not. Note the window air unit, the only way to survive in the summer up there.

Once we grew up, we had to finally start taking our own photos. Here's John, Dave, Pat, Reen, Jeff, Chris and Molly. Pretty sure this was Christmas time a few years back at the Holiday Inn at Austin.

I like this shot, not the reason that we gathered, but overall the shot is pretty good. Sorry Chris, you're the only one not looking dark, but then again, you always were lighter.

And there you have it, I could look for more, but that's enough for this year.
John, I want you to know, while we aren't the closest, I truly respect you for you and I'm proud to tell people that you're my brother and how well you've served our country with respect.
Happy Birthday!

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