December 4, 2009

Snow Day

Can you believe it, they called today a snow day. It was only 6" of snow here, OK, out in the country it was closer to 10, but really...when I was a kid I walked to and from school and it was 4 blocks and up hill both ways. No really, we had to cross the Red Cedar River in Austin Minnesota and the bridge was the old, key stone style that was humped up.

Anyway, here's our little Japanese maple tree, totally covered in snow. It is so pretty. Well done Holly, I would never have thought to put a light under that tree.

We have a lot of very cool stuff going on this weekend:
  • Rockford Santa Parade
  • Byrne Christmas Party
  • Smithmas, the Smith family version of Christmas. Hi Bob!
I hope that you have some fun this weekend too!

Next week I'm off on an East Coast Trip. Lots of travel, lots of visits, maybe some fun. I really do hate travel, not sure why I ever thought it was glamorous, but I was wrong.

Will write again when I can.


1 comment:

Holly said...

nice photo
thx for capturing it
it's my new desktop pic