December 18, 2009

Closing in on Christmas

Been awhile since I did two posts in two days and so I thought I'd see if I could still do it.

Work was a bear, but I realize everyday how blessed I am to have a job, even if it does drive me crazy. Oh, and for those that are aware of my track record and how often I used to change jobs, I just cleared 7 years at this one and I am still having fun!

As we draw up on Christmas I wanted to share a bit of our decorating style from our house.

This shot shows an ornament tree from Pier 1, Holly and Terri are into this. Pretty cool in an old school way. On the right hand side is a "traveling Santa" that was the last gift I got from my Mom. Pretty cool, but I don't' understand why she thought mine should be travelling, some of my siblings have travelled pretty extensively.

This shot is of Jake and Daisy Hendrick's Christmas tree. That's Holly's Grandpa and Grandma. The tree rotates and it has the disco color wheel. I like this because my own Grandma Ames had one of these. It's like home, circa 1964, aaahhh!

Holly's been collecting trees for quite awhile and we see the result in this shot. Lots of little trees and each one has it's own story as to why we have deemed it worthy of being stored and then displayed. The Santa on the left is a two piece porcelain statue that has been in Holly's family longer than I have. (almost longer than she has actually!)

This is our stockings hung with care.
I wonder how soon St. Nick will be there?

Finally a bit of signage from my dear sister Maureen. This is the best advice I can give. Remember, the best gift of all is offered by Him. Why not take it!

Have a great day!

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