December 19, 2009

Saturday, a full day

It all started blandly enough, would you like to serve breakfast at the Renucci House? I thought, no biggie, the boys need a service project or two for their next rank of scouts. We'll go for it. We signed up and then we got busy. The boys had a birthday party the night before which used to be a done at 7 deal but runs later now with louder and bigger events. To get to where we needed to be, we were up and at 'em at 5:30, and to get the boys moving it took bribes with Monster and Mountain Dew. Not pretty, but effective. We got there on time and actually had a great time serving these people that were struggling with some serious, long term health issues. Most memorable, a young teen that was looking at a second bone marrow transplant to beat the leukemia that was attacking her and the wife celebrating her 34th wedding anniversary with her husband under going a major bypass surgery. I was really proud of Ian and Spencer for pitching right in, serving with a glad heart and sincere concern.

After that we did a bit of shopping for Christmas for Holly while she was at Choir practice. She's leading a choir this weekend for our pre-Christmas service at church. I was going to buy her a baton so she could lead with power, but she said no. Then I asked which choir robe was she going to use. Her answer, we don't do choir robes in a modern church. I am not sure, but I think we're missing something here. I had visions of...well never mind. I work in the children program and we are pretty modern too, so I should leave Holly alone.

Once home again the boys and I suited up a
nd headed back out, this time to hit the hill, the sledding hill that is. We went to Wabisis and that's where today's photos come from.

Spencer is reading a magazine as we head out. One of the few times I remember that he wasn't guiding us.

A panorama shot of the area

The boys working their way up the hill after a good run.

I asked Ian to strike a pose, I don't think he knows I was posting these.

Spencer was really tired out by this point and I laid down next to him to get an interesting angle on him. I like it.

After sledding we needed some hot drinks, so here's Ian and me.

And Spencer and me

This was just for fun, but I like the way it turned out

Now we're into movies and snacking. I love lazy days!

Have a great day!

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