December 17, 2009

Thursday Quiet

Greetings friends!

We have been smoking busy of late. We have celebrated Smithmas with Holly's side of the family, I did an east coast trip for a week, work is crazy busy in the office, but the production is not moving so much and wished happy trails to Bob as he headed back to Florida after a nice visit with us and with Larry and Terri.

The first two shots are of Smithmas, our Christmas celebration for the Smith side of the family. As always it was fun to have Larry, Terri and Jake over and this time was no different. We all seemed to have gotten some good stuff. The boys are getting stuff now that is either practical or a computer game that they want to play but baffles us. Oh well, it's still great to get to gether with family, eat and tell stories.

I did kind of a 2 shot panorama, here's Jake, Larry, Spencer and Terri

And here's Terri, Holly and Bob

This was taken today, but it really finishes out the panoramic shot, this was were Ian and I sat for Smithmas.

Last week I went to the East Coast for business. It was a pretty good trip, I flew to Boston, went to a customer, drove to Jersey and went to a BSF (the Bible study that I go to on Tuesdays is actually world wide and all the classes are in step so I didn't miss a thing). While in Jersey I visited two other customers and then I headed into New York. Here's a shot of the desk in my hotel room, I stayed in China Town, as you can see, it was pretty tight quarters. After New York I went to Richmond VA for a final visit and then flew home. My hotel in Richmond was as opposite to New York as possible, lots of room, sorry no photo, but I highly recommend the Hampton on the south side of town. Friday I flew home. While I was gone the was the "Blizzard of 2009". Teh boys were off school for 3 days and with the dip in temperatures, I am sure that Bob was once again convinced that living in Florida was best.

Finally, I took a couple of shots with my new Camera (Thanks Bob!)

Here's Bob and the boys.

Here's Holly and her Dad

As with all extended trips, I am sure that Bob was more than ready to get home, but we really enjoyed having him home for the holidays.
Have a great day!

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