February 7, 2010

Catching Up

I know it's been awhile since I've updated you on all the stuff we're doing so here's a quick recap for Jan/Feb.

Let's see, first off, here's our own personable teen boy

And then we have the one that thinks Mom's the best, no matter what!

Spencer was one of the popcorn selling winners. Thanks to everyone that bought on line, that's how he won, everyone helped him earn a week of summer camp for free!

This weekend Spencer and I went to the Klondike derby. Here's our team at lunch, having of all things, HOT DOGS. Let me assure you that at 10 degrees with a below zero wind chill, Hot Dogs, are really cold by the time you get them to your table. As for the bananas, they were suitable for carving.

Here's the team and the sled. It was a great day, cold, but really fun.

The finale was a sled race, pulled by the boys. Here's the starting line.

And their off! I didn't get the shot at the finish line. We had a tangle at the start and the adults went and performed a bit of first aid. It wasn't a big deal, but added to the drama.

Here's Spencer showing the effects of wearing a stocking hat all day!

Finally, here are some shots from our Chaffee Cabin Camp Out. Those with a NASA mindset might remember Roger B. Chaffee as the pilot on the ill fated Apollo 1, where fire erupted and killed all three astronauts. Since Roger was from the Grand Rapids area, we have many things with his name. Here's the montage in the dining room.

Here's the upper bunk room. It holds about 20 Scouts. Downstairs the adult leaders slept a bit more peacefully than this room with snowball fights and peanut fights and all night Euchre.

At the lodge we taught Nuclear Science for a merit badge. As you can tell, the scouts were totally into this... NOT!

But we adults with a science bent sure were!

The balloon, with only static electricity charging it, caused the small foil in the jar to move and demonstrate polarized effects. It's so cool when you can see science!

This is an electron detector, a cloud chamber. It worked, but was hard to see.

Well, that's if for now.

Have a great day/week/month!

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