February 13, 2010

Another post, wow!

I know, two posts in a single day. Hard to believe. But here's the deal, I have a story that I want to tell, and it happened after the first blog, so here I am again!

First up, here's another tree that Ian did in art class. Nice job Ian!

In the afternoon today Holly reminded us of a page a day calendar that was related to paper airplanes that we got from Molly and Rick. Holly thought it was time for some good clean family time and so we'd have a paper airplane race. Not on speed of folding, but on distance. We each chose our plane from the many days that we had available, it was just discovered so all the January planes were available. We snipped and we folded and we taped and we worked and within no time flat we were working on a starting line to "make the event fair". And so we threw, youngest to oldest. Spencer laid out a great flight and it's within reach for all, but not to be. Ian created a backward flying plane. Holly had a looper that did the loop de loop very well, but got no distance. My plane, a ring model, failed as well. Spencer won! It was awesome. But...

Well, we don't like to be out done, so we'd do it again, with our own planes, any design we chose. Basically, a no holds barred event. We all went to our own corners again and began to create. Spencer, tracking on what had won in the past, followed the instructions on the page he chose and flew well, almost as far as last time...Great, the window was open.

Ian, having been quiet for several minutes, stepped to the line with a "ninja star". It looked awesome. It was 8 sheets of paper folded together. He heaved it and had the counter not gotten in the way, would have handily smoked Spencer, but as it was, he just edged him out. As you can see, it was a piece of art!

Holly was up next and she followed another set of instructions and had a pretty cool looking missile, sorry all, but the photo didn't turn out. Anyway, it was very cool looking, but backward flying. She wasn't in the running this time. Tough break, especially for my Valentine. I stepped to the line. I had folded two different models, a missile style and a raptor style. Both very capable planes. But I knew all along, that my next toss would be with a wad. Yep, I took the missile plane and wadded it up and then threw it the length of the house. Ow! They called foul. We discussed the rules. Nothing was stated that it couldn't be a wad. I was the winner! Not by popular vote, but by distance for sure!

Later, at the store on a milk run. I scammed him again and he was amazed that I was that on top of my game to beat him twice in a day. Not sure if I can keep up the pace, but today was indeed a good day!

Here's the winning "paper airplane".

Have a great day!

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