March 5, 2010

Autorama - The Motorcycles

Happy Friday! It's been a great week here in Michigan. Spring is coming, it's been in the 40's all week, still below freezing at night, but during the day it's been sunny with a high of 45! Totally awesome. Really makes me want to get the 750 back out. Ok, almost everyday I want to get the Honda out, but sunny days really make me Jones for the ride.

Well, anyway, what we have here are the bikes that looked cool enough to take a picture at Autorama. Let's see...

The flames on this were really cool, the seat looks better in the picture, in actuality it was a snake skin seat that didn't fit the bike, but the flames were really cool!

This tank was awesome. The skull was actually pressed out of the tank.

Classic bagger

The wheels were pretty nifty

I tried to get a close up of the tank, but the lighting was pretty tough to deal with.

Hard to tell, but this was a kiddie bike, for like an 8 year old.

Talk about old school...

I liked the red, not sure I could ride this very far, but I'd look good doing it.

Just a nice clean bike

The flames aren't much, but the black pipes can look really cool if you tone down the rest of the machine.

I've always been partial to blue

This was really cool. The thing on the right is a hard guitar case. The guitar was out and a guy was just jamming away. Not sure where the amp goes.

This next bike was awesome with the Joker on the side

The other side of the bike, pretty cool

A trike for those unsteady riders Cool looking, for a trike

Really modern looking trike, that I have no interest in other than to say, yech!

I take picture of yellow things for my sweetie. She likes yellow. Cool trike, but I doubt she'd ride to Alaska on this one either.

Clean and simple is always in style

I really liked the looks of this one

This one had a southwestern feel but the seats reminded me of Grandma's vinyl kitchen chairs.

Really cool racer look.

I have to admit, it looks interesting, but can you really ride it? The metal seat really puts me off.

Custom Choppers are always interesting

This is pretty ridiculous, a V8 on a cycle? Why slow the bike down?

High end, the pedestal it was on was spinning the bike at very slow turns per minute, very interesting.

I don't remember why

The Bud Light Bike

There you have it.

If you didn't enjoy the car or these motorcycles, well, I have one last set to share with you, then we'll be done.

Have an awesome weekend and wish me luck, I'm going to try firing up the HONDA tomorrow.
Have a great day,

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