March 4, 2010

Autorama Part - Cars

This is a series of about 60 photos of some of the cars that caught my attention.

This is just about looking at cars. If you're not into Cars at all, that's OK, maybe next time.

Super Hood Scoop

A 007 car? Could it be...

Yep, sure is!

I like the looks of the two seaters, they're not practical, but they are cool looking.

I hate this green, but I took this for others, it's a cool car.

Serious talent on flames.

Even under the hood!

Pink Caddy, for Breast Cancer Awareness. Nuff said.

Roadsters are always cool.

Holly's favorite car/color. Wouldn't she look good in this?

The number on the side says racer, the rest, not so much.

Is this from Happy Days?

Wanna Race?

Look under the words, Dive Bomb, it says body work by Duck Taper.

Flames are always cool.

Especially when you make a big impression on the metal!

Tuner cars were there too!

Ian's favorite Character is from Japan and it's called Domo. He was thrilled to find it!

The cars on the lower level were maintained at a different level. Heck, even the people were maintained at a different level.

The eyes have it!

Do you suppose a paint company sponsored this car?

An Army guy got all over this Jeep.

Let alone what they did to the engine!

Batman is truly forever!

The painted on this yellow car was so perfect it looked like the care was bone china!

A realy woody, made with some nice poplar!

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