June 26, 2010

Saturday isn't very restful!

You know, when I was younger, it seemed like Saturday's were a way of catching up on a few chores and resting a bit.  Not so much anymore.

Let's see, it started with Bean wanting to get up way before the rest of us, so I crawled downstairs and took her out and fed her and kept her active for a few hours til everyone else got up.

We did some work on the boys prerequisites for some merit badge work.  They go to summer camp on July 4th and each boy is working on 5 merit badges.  With some dedication and hard work, I think that they both have a chance of returning from summer camp as Life Scouts, just one step short of Eagle.  I am really proud of them.

Speaking of Eagle Scouts, to get there you need to do an "Eagle Project".  It's complicated but the intention is for the Eagle candidate to develop a project for a local non-profit, get donations to finance it, round up volunteers and then get it done.  The volunteers are usually the scouts and parents in the boys troop.  Today we had a chance to help Josh finish up his project.  Pretty cool.  Coolest of all, it was for the Equest Center, where Spencer used to be a student in the therapeutic riding program.  We worked most of the afternoon finishing up a place for the students to sit and rest while taking a break from riding.  It's in one of the pastures.

After that we came home, did some more work on prerequisites.  No kidding, as I am helping Ian, I almost fell asleep, it's pretty exciting stuff.

Dinner was grilled pork tenderloins and grilled fresh pineapple with a side of rice.  Thanks to Holly for doing most of the prep. 

Poor Holly is in a many day in a row run and we're throwing in singing on Sunday too!  She'll be exhausted most of the first half of next week.

I'm not sure why, but Bean seems to be pretty tired out too.  She stayed home.  But it was pretty hot.  She's a pretty interesting dog, very trainable.  She's starting to ring a bell when she wants to go outside, much better than trying to figure out which look is which.  Thanks Tom and Reen for that bit of wisdom.

To finish the day out I washed and waxed the Honda.  It's the first time since I got the bike that I washed it and it was due, I have gotten caught in the rain several times and that's always a mess.   I really like the new ride and feel blessed to have it, but I realized today that I have a lot more chrome than I used to have.  The picture is the way that I like to ride it, stripped down to just the drivers seat and a chrome plate so that my briefcase can't muck up the finish on the fender.

Have a great day, I just did!

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