June 3, 2010

Thursday already?

Pretty good day today here. Not a windshield day, but at least being a bug didn't hurt as bad as it has lately. Our industry has our big show this June, it's called NeoCon. Since we supply many in the industry, we've been getting more calls for rushed parts than I recall in the past. Every time I turn around, we have another rush order. It's all good, but really hectic.

Here's a shot of Ian and one of the boys we got to know. His name is Gar-leek, well, it's pronounced sort of like that, but it's probably spelled way different. Ian had a pretty good time messing around with the kids and hanging with the adults. It was interesting to watch him transition from hanging with kids and playing games to hanging with adults and doing a Bible study. I watched him grow up a lot, and we had a pretty good time.

Have a great day!

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