June 1, 2010

Tuesday is Sunny!

Wow, after the rain yesterday we have the sun today! Awesome. I was surprised at all the issues we had with a mere 6 inches of rain; Childsdale road was washed out and impassable, the power was out for long enough to get air in the system and now we're on boiled water.

It's funny how put out we are and yet, in April Ian and I were in Port Au Prince Haiti and we drank bottled water everyday, took bucket showers and brushed our teeth with bottled water. We forget how nice we really have it some times.

Here's a picture of a little cutie we met face to face while there. Her name is Kalencia and she's staying at Hope House until she can get an operation on her heart. When she first came to the house she had rusty red hair, now it's black. They say the reddish hair is a sign of malnutrition. She's doing great and scheduled to come to Michigan for that operation later this summer.

Have a great day!

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