August 25, 2010

Home is where my heart is

I have been on the road again for work.  I buzzed out to visit a customer.  I had 7 or so hours of meetings with various members of that customer.  In all, a success.

Thanks to all for the kinds thoughts, it means a lot to know that I have a great network of people that care for me.

While driving home Holly called and she let me know that she and Spencer were headed to a baseball game with our favorite Class A team, the Whitecaps. 

Since I was making good time I called home and invited Ian to get the lawn mowed and then I'd take him out to dinner.  I heard a not so happy voice say; "Sure."

When I got home he was almost done and in a better mood.

We opted to leave Rockford and headed to the Score, a local sports bar about 10 minutes out of town. 

When we got there we headed to the new, out back location that's really cool.  It's kind of a beach party feel with plastic table and chair, tiki torches and it's all on sand, complete with 3 sand volleyball courts. 

We were seated near the band and well away from the volleyball games, just as well, while I think I'm still in great shape, the shadow that I cast at sundown reveals a pudgier me.

The band was pretty good, drum set, 5 string acoustic bass and an acoustic guitar.  They played some tunes that Ian knew and so that led us into a good night of conversation.  We both enjoyed each others company.

For the photo tonight I have a soybean field.  Why a soybean field you ask?  Because my traveling companion this trip was a nice guy from southern China.  He looked at all the corn and soybeans as we drove along on interstate 80 in Illinois and he remarked, "I guess I understand the corn, but why so much soy beans?  You don't use that much soy sauce and I know that Tofu is not popular here."

That's my favorite quote for the week, by the way, I know that it's used as part of the crop rotation plan to put nutrients back into the soil and that it's really rich in protein, which is used in feeds.

Have a great day!

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