August 23, 2010

Working through things

Many of you know that I use this as a communication tool mostly.  Occasionally I'll use it as my low cost method of acknowledging milestones in peoples lives( I don't like to buy cards), and rarely, I use it work through some stuff that I need to mull through.  Today's post is a thoughtful post, if it's too deep, sorry, just close it, I'll understand and I'll be back again with something lighter.

Last night we learned that a friends roller coaster ride with lung cancer has come to an end. 

These are the random thoughts that I've pushed aside today:
  • Why Brad, why not me?  I smoked for 30+years.
  • How can the doctors not know how sick he was until a week ago? 
  • Am I feeling OK or is it just allergies?
  • Are we getting close to winning against this disease?   Will we ever?
  • How many friends/loved ones have I lost to cancer?  
  • Why would I want to count that!
  • I remember watching MaryAnn, my favorite mother-in-law, battle cancer, she did it with dignity and determination.  In a way, by those behaviors, she was the one that led me to Jesus.
  • I watched what it did to my own Mom, it was brutal.
  • Thank goodness he'd "found the Lord", because now he's in heaven.
  • Can I make the funeral?  When will it be?
  • I can't believe the tributes on facebook for his wife, Jen to read.
  • I hurt for Jen and his daughters, they will miss him.
In the end, while I am deeply sad that he has been taken from us, I am glad to have known him, had fun working and playing with him and generally feel that meeting such people is always a plus.

Jen and Brad

I struggled looking for a picture, but alas, I don't have one of Brad other than the one that I snagged off a post on facebook.  Thanks Randy!


Here's to Brad!  A good man cut down too early.

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