August 28, 2010

Thoughts on a day in the life of Pat

It was a day alright, very cool from start to finish, it went like this;

Awake at 5AM, I knew that we were trying something new at work and so I was worried.  I told them to call me if there were any problems.  No calls.  I tried to sleep.  Couldn't

Up at 5:30.  It's the weekend?  No matter.  In my mind I figured out the timing on when to call and knew I was too early for any problems.  I fed the dog instead.

6AM, still to early to call.  I know, I'll work on that contract that needs to get out next week.  Nothing major, just massive cutting and pasting, at first that is.  Soon enough I had 2 sections that needed extensive rework.  I knew what I was trying to say, would I be able to write it?

7:30, the re-writes were done and it looked pretty good, from our perspective, the supplier that sent the original will be wondering what happened to 4 pages of the original 16 page document.

Made the call and everything was working great with the changes.  Whew, that's a load off my mind, it was a fairly big gamble, but I knew the odds were in my favor the way that I played it.

Time to get Holly and the boys up and moving.

Breakfast was every man for themselves.  I offered to cook but no one was interested.  I had a fried egg sandwich with provolone cheese on an everything bagel. It was wonderful!

Once everyone was up, washed, dressed and fed, not necessarily in that order, we headed to the Battle Creek for Brad's funeral.

Got there and started hanging out with some of the old gang from our old church.

How old do you need to be when you start saying, "Hey, let's not wait for another funeral, let's get together and have a ...(fill in you own option, for us today it ranged from hot dogs to hamburgers to dinner to pizza.)?

Nice to see the old gang, bad circumstances, but still nice to see everyone.

Funeral was not what I suspected, but are they ever really?  It caused Holly and I to talk about what we'd want and wouldn't want.

After the service we had a true Methodist Church Lady luncheon.  It was wonderful.  Holly thinks this is a dying art, like blacksmith work.  She may be right.  Good stuff with good salads and sandwiches.  yum, cookies!

Great time visiting afterward but we needed to get going, so a long set of good byes that eventually lead to the door.  I'm not complaining, but 2 teens in the house were ready to go long before we were.

Next stop, Frontline church for "Rock'in from the Roof."  They gave away over a ton of free clothes.  Very cool.  The crowd was estimated at 1000+ that waited about 1/2 hour to get to the clothes.  This shot is from our local Fox station's visit.  By the time we got there the crowds were thinning out and the clothes pile was significantly smaller.

For me the cool thing was running into my peep's as Holly calls them.  They are the kids that I hang out with in the Children's ministry area.  Lots of high fives and what not.  I always feel better when I see these kids that I'm supposed to help.  Ya gotta love it!

Dinner at the Score, a local place that's got a sport bar feel to it.  Too bad the service was so bad.

Have a great day!

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