September 26, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday, 9/26/08

I got this link the other day from my brother David. It's a cool link to a website that we all should have bookmarked. It truly is a keeper, but be careful, there is music and talking so opening up at work, well, keep the speakers turned down. The boys are off on a camping trip this weekend. It's supposed to be pretty nice this weekend and so they should be OK with whatever they have forgotten. I tried to warn them of checking for weather and bringing extra socks, but we'll see. I will be going up on Saturday after our inventory event on Saturday. They don't trust me with actual counting, so I am an auditor again

John Sipley, my cousin that lives in or around Des Moines, Iowa sent in today's picture, and he writes:

"My wife's family decided to have a family reunion starting the 29th of August. Oh, ONLY eight hours from home in Des Moines IA. We got on the road later than I wanted, plus stops. It was 7PM when we pulled off the highway for the final 30 min leg of our journey. I was certain we we're going to be the last ones there. Ah yes I also forgot construction in and around Minneapolis (we just skirted around the edge) then joined the parking lot which was I90 W toward our destination near Detroit Lakes MN. Dad (me) was crabby when we pulled in, the second family. Boy did I feel silly! Our daughter, Brianna, brought her best friend from school and after we unpacked the van they took a canoe out. The picture below is one I caught before the light was gone. The resort is East Silent Resort near Dent, MN. It really was very relaxing and lovely."

Thanks for sharing John!

I have also begun posting my stuff in a blog. Holly says that's what all of these emails for the past 7 or 8 years have added up to any way, so why not post them? OK, I will try that. What I would like to know is if everyone could go there and check it out. Subscribe to the site by filling in your email address and clicking on the Subscribe button. If this will work for everyone, I will be stopping the manual email method and using the automated one exclusively. Please try it and see if it will work for you. I would ask that you let me know because, as an engineer, I have printed out the list of all the subscribers and won't change unless you all can do this. By the by, this is a perfect time to opt out, just let me know, otherwise, I'll probably ask you why you haven't signed up for the automatic.

Click here to see the site:

One last note, since I will be joining the boys, I won't be sending one one out on Saturday.
Have a great day!

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